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START: Create a Cryptocurrency Bot

Where do we start?

So here’s the zoomed out big-picture list of subject matter this project will cover:

  1. Computer Systems
  2. Network Systems
  3. Code Project Management

Computer Systems

We will need computers systems suitable for the development and production of software applications, and meets the project management specifications of the project. If I had to just list a few things I’m comfortable moving in and out of, we should consider:


  • Node.js wiki, with npm wiki for package management
    • a JavaScript runtime environment able to run outside of a web browser
  • Python wiki, wiht pip wiki for package management
  • PHP wiki, with various package management options
  • Web Languages, of HTML wiki and CSS wiki
  • Swift/Obj.C,, with various package management options
  • shell, with various OS-based package management options


  • git wiki docs
    • Git is a free and open source distributed version control system, designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
  • gh repo docs
    • the GitHub command-line interface
    • manages git operations, and ties in with GitHub-specific operations

Network Systems

So with a computer system hosting and executing user code, this application is itself should be securely networked with real-world cryptocurrency exchanges, and executes authorized transactions based on the code abstraction of a real-world trading strategy, that should be optimized to the user’s crypto-currency investing goals.


  • GoDaddy Server


  • Git Project Management
    • GitHub (iOS)
    • Working Copy (iOS)
  • SSH
    • Prompt (iOS)
  • Messaging
    • Signal
    • Telegram
    • Discord

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