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START: Create a Cryptocurrency Bot

How are the two related?

They both are inherently digital. Cryptocurrency by its nature operates between and within computer networks.

Bots, with all the capabilities of their host systems, is capable of plugging the local resources of their host system, into the wider network as enabled by the World Wide Web.

How the two are related, is the programmatic nature of bots allows the in-code abstraction of a cryptocurrency-trading strategy.

This strategy tries to distill down the real-world actions that a real-world investor would make, into a serialized instruction set, such that a program can .automate control of a real-world decision-making strategy.

It would be able to monitor this strategy, react to input from online cryptocurrency exchange markets, and (if so authorized) execute real-world transactions in accordance with a pre-programmed code-based abstraction of a real-world strategy.

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