What’s in a name?

I did this before, with Star Trek, though it didn’t last long. But what the hell, we’re in a pandemic and HBO Max has a crap ton of Doctor Who episodes and we’re in a pandemic. Here begins my Doctor Who blog, where I blog my hot takes after watching each episode of Doctor Who.

For the sticklers, HBO Max’s Doctor Who listing lists “seasons 1-12,” which according to tardis.fandom.com, is listed as “series 1,” beginning with the Ninth Doctor, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.

That which we call a Rose

Series 1, episode 1 (story 157), entitled “Rose,” originally aired on 26 March 2005. We meet Rose, and Mickey, both, from what I recall having watched a lot of this years ago, go on to be truly memorable companions of the doctor.

And of course that brings us to, the Doctor.

I thought this was great about the episode, for many, myself included, this show introduced the audience to this timelord alien. I don’t think they mentioned his species. But they make clear through clever writing, he operates on a high level. He’s like the Men in Black, but just one man. Well, one timelord. And we’re introduced to his “ship,” the T.A.R.D.I.S., an acronym for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space.” It’s “disguised” as a blue police box, and it’s bigger on the inside. If I recall correctly, it got “stuck” as the blue police box somehow, but I could be wrong.

And, one moment I especially liked, so the plot is… a living plastic being is controlling all the plastic in the world and wants to essentially “feast” on humanity. Long story short, the Doctor wants humanity not to be eaten, and there’s a moment, that the doctor, a higher being, explains that humanity is in it’s infancy, and essentially makes the case for humanity to survive, explaining we have the potential for greatness.

I don’t want to get too in the weeds with this connection, but the year 2020 truly challenged this, but at least how it seemingly to end, gives me hope. As did the Doctor’s words.

Great episode. Excited to be blogging about sci-fi again, and the next episode is about the end of Earth when the sun grows to (I think) ingest our home planet. And the last human is a stretched out sheet of skin that has to constantly be manually moisturized. I’m all giddy to watch it.

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